Sunday, September 13, 2015

Talk Like a Pirate Day & App Smashing

Give me a patch, a parrot on my shoulder and I'm ready to write about my swashbuckling adventure! September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate DayWho doesn't love talking like a pirate?!

I love creative ways that encourage students to write!

Pirate Cam (4+) is a great app that allows student to add pirate props to their own picture.
What a perfect way to engage student on Talk Like a Pirate Day!
"Wear a tricorn hat, put on a pirate beard, hide one eye behind the skull patch, and standing on a sailing ship on the sea. Jack Sparrow is suddenly reborn with his Black Pearl!
Put your friend into a frame full of skull and ghost and send him to the terrible hell. Then share your masterpiece on Facebook and let everyone laugh at your tricks."

Here are a few fun pirate books to read to your students!

Have students write about their adventures or describe their picture.
Click {here} for free writing pages in English and in Spanish.

Put it all together for some App Smashing!
Write - record - and share!
I love this part because it really is a great way to work on fluency. Have students practice reading their writing piece with a partner before they record. 

You will need 3 apps for this project

Click on the image to get a free copy of the app smashing guiding card. 

Shiver me timbers . . . this is going to be sooo fun!

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