Thursday, September 3, 2015

Pic Collage Kids and Chirp

Selfies and Making 10!

The first few weeks of school set the tone for building relationships and creating a class community. The first few weeks are about creating class norms and expectations.
It's also about having fun!

The week before school started, the other 2 Instructional Coaches and I met with our 2nd grade team. We had fun playing with Pic Collage Kids and Chirp . . . several other apps, but that's another post.

Pic Collage Kids is such a fun app to create a variety ways to show learning.
I love the fact that Pic Collage Kids is 4+.

After working with the teachers, they scheduled us to help them in the classroom.
Here is the first way we used Pic Collage Kids!

Students used the card shown above to help guide them to a finished product. (Click on the card to get an editable freebie.)
It was a hoot! I wish I had captured images of the students taking selfies!

We talked about how the stickers were meant to be conversation starters with their classmates . . . the 3 stickers represented things they like or like to do.

Stephanie, over at Principal Principles has a great product  - Student "Selfies". It is a super cute packet that I shared with our second grade teachers. The teachers had the students color the iPhone and glue each student's picture on it. Within the packet, Stephanie has a very cute S-E-L-F-I-E banner that can be posted with the finished products. (I made one and gave it away during our teacher learning session.)

Once, the collages were finished, students "Chirped" it to the teacher's phone. Chirp is a great way to get a finished product from one device to another. The teachers sent the pictures to Walgreens to print  so they were ready for "Back to School" night! 
(I'm heading over tomorrow to see the finished products. I'll post their hall displays.)
Then, students wrote about their selfie . . . it's in Stephanie's packet!
Chirp allow you to quickly "chirp" the image to another device that is open to Chirp. You need to make sure that only one person chirps at a time. Reason . . . I was at one end of the hallway and another  Instructional Coach was at the other . . . she got our Chirp! This is a looooong hallway! How cool this that?!!!

But, there's more!

Pic Collage Kids continues . . . 
I got to work in my friend, Stephanie's class. Just realize there are 2 Stephanie's in this post!
This Stephanie, is a fabulous classroom teacher. You can follow her class on Twitter @learninginTX-just the other day her class posted about swabbing the school for germs! Gross!)

However, our task at hand was about making 10. (Less disgusting!)
Using unifix cubes, students created 3 different ways to make 10. They took pictures and created their collage. They added the number sentence, a background and their name.
Again, another check card for student to follow the steps of completion. 

Once, they saved it to the library, they signed up to Chirp it to their teacher.
(Disclaimer: If you have multiple Chirp apps open they will all receive whatever is being chirped.
The sign-up helps prevent this from happening.) Click {here} for the I'm Ready to Chirp sign.

Chirp! Chirp! All collages sent to her phone!

Happy creating and chirping!


  1. I love your technology ideas! I did the Dot Day but did not realize it switched over to the Quiver this year. I would love to know how you made the Chirp sign because this is something I would like to do & do the Make 10. Any help you can give me with technology would be appreciated! Thanks, Jackie

  2. Could you share the ten's task card?