Saturday, September 19, 2015

FlipQuiz Me

FlipQuiz Me is a great site for creating fun reviews for students in a gameshow format. Boards are quick and easy to create. 

There is a free version and a Pro version.

Creating your board is simple . . . give it a title . . . create your categories . . . add the questions/answers!

You can add an image using a URL. Also,  you can add a hyperlink. This link could send students out to a site that has a bit more information on the topic.

There is a search feature for boards that are created by other educators.

Create an account to save all the boards you create. You can share the board with your students by posting a URL or the board can be embedded in your class webpage.


  1. My partner teacher just showed me this site earlier this week. I made a math review game, and my students loved it!

    Fit to be Fourth

    1. I love the clean simple look to the board! Glad to know your students loved it! Going to have to share it with our teachers.

  2. I love simple tools like this that take some of the Hasell out of planning great activities. Very cool