Sunday, September 6, 2015

International Dot Day & Augmented Reality

September 15th is International Dot Day!
International Dot Day is a global celebration based on Peter Reynolds' book, The Dot. Join the Dot Club to get great resources to use with your class.

The Dot is a great book for talking about growth mindset. 
Take this fabulous book, mix in some augmented reality, using the Quiver app (formerly know as colAR Mix) and get some highly engaged students! 

Have students write about how they will leave their mark on their classroom . . . school or the world!
Download the sheet and have students decorate the dot. They can draw pictures depicting how they will leave their mark.
Use the app Quiver to bring the dot to life.

Connect with other educators with Skype in the Classroom.
Click {here} for more information from The Busy Librarian.
Connect with other classrooms using the hashtags #DotDay#Makeyourmark

Here is a past post about International Dot Day.

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